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As a full time commercial photographer and fine art printer I had never really focused my own attention on any one subject. My time was spent talking photos and printing pictures for other people and in true form the shoemaker did not wear shoe's. It wasn't until 2007 when I noticed some photos taken from a photographer friend of mine that it really caught my attention. It was Cuba, and after my first visit I was amazed to see such colour and rich history that was still being written. The struggles of this Island Nation played out in the background of my life and went un-noticed shadowed by an economic embargo that kept it stranded in time for over 55 years. Today, "the Revolution of Ideas" as it is now called continues to forge Cubas's own path into the future while resisting the strong arm of imperialism that continues to punish the civilian population in a quest to reclaim what was otherwise fought for and lost. As a citizens of the world, this is our Cuba, this is an amazing story and this is my canvas.